Top 10 TikTok Stars In India 2020 With Their Popularity & Income


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Tik tok, a Chinese social networking site to share videos owned by ByteDance, founded by Zhang Yiming in 2012. It might not be as famous as facebook, snapchat or instagram but it’s popularity is flourishing among the youngsters. However, it provides a platform for them to showcase their talents. This application allows people to create short dance, syncing of lip, videos full of talent and humourous videos filled with comedy. It was in the year 2017 when tik tok app launched out of China for ios and Android users. Since then the number of videos made by tik tok started filling the internet all round the world.

However, it’s craze in India is also no less. It claims 20 million active users. From actors to normal beings and from kids to adults, nobody is behind in making tik tok videos. And an unbelievable fact about it is that famous people do make plenty amount of bucks by simply making a video. However a few time back, it was decided to ban tik tok from India due to it’s controversial content. But later, it again came back due to it’s popularity.

This article will show a list of few youngsters who became famous due to tik tok videos. And are earning great amount of money by simply making videos and showcasing their talents.

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top 10 tiktok stars, indian tiktok stars income, tiktok star india 2020, indian tiktok with followers and income yearly, tik tok star riyaz and faisal

Top 10 TikTok Stars In India 2020

#1. Riyaz Aly

At just the age of 16, Riyaz Aly has become the most popular tiktok star of India. He became the fastest tik tok user to reach 20 million followers. From making humourous videos to dancing and lip syncing, he has been able to gather a lot of followers which counts to 24.2 millions on tik tok. However, He is also famous specially among the girl fans due to his hairstyle. He now continues to make more tik tok videos with other young celebs. Therefore, At this age his monthy earning is 2-3 lac making his net worth equal to 20 lacs.

#2. Faisal Sheikh

Famous by the name Mr. Faisu, Faisal sheikh is one of the top tiktok star in India. He has a following of 22.7 millions on tik tok. From making lip syncing videos to giving fitness tips to his followers, he has come a long way. However, has become a member of Team07 group which is the most famous group among the tik tok users. He also has a verified account of Instagram because of his popularity on tik tok. His monthly income is 3-4 lac. However, at present, Sheikh’s videos have been removed from Tik Tok due to some controversies.

#3. Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair Rehmani has a vast fan following all around the country. In addition to being a Tiktok star in India, she is also a famous daily soap actress who initially gained fame as her character in the serial Phulwa in year 2011. She has a vast following on Tik tok that counts to 20.1 million followers. On this app, she is famous for her dancing and lip syncing videos. Her monthly income is 3-4 lacs which makes her net worth equal to 1 million. She also owns luxury cars like BMW, Audi.

#4. Nisha Guragain

Nicknamed as Angel Nishu, Nisha Guragain is a leading TikTok star in India with a following of 20.7 million followers. She is famous for her great expressions and acting skills. Besides this, she also lip sync on famous topics. Because of her fame on Tik Tok, she also got two punjabi songs, Na Ladeya Kar and Ja Vatta Kar. Her monthly income is 1-1.5 lac which makes net worth approximately to 10-15 lacs.

#5. Arishfa Khan

Arishfa Khan began her career as a child artist in a daily soap, ‘ek veer ki ardaas…veera’. She now has become a beautiful and top trending Tiktok star with a following of 19.7 millions and 670 million hearts on Tik Tok. She is famous for lip syncing famous dialogues and shayaris and also her dancing. However, She also has a youtube channel and her video with Manjul Khattar, Yaara became very famous with 113 million views on youtube. Her monthly income is equal to 50-70k.

#6. Manjul Khattar

Manjul Khattar is one of the most famous Tik Tok and youtube star in India. He initially rose to fame by posting random selfies of himself on Instagram which made him gain millions of followers. Also known as ‘male crush of india’, he is famous for his single and duet lip sync videos on Tik Tok. His fans also follow him for his amazing dressing sense. Besides that, he is a great singer and his song video Shy mora sona gathered praise and millions of views on youtube. He earns a huge amount of 1 lac just by making a single video on Tik tok.

#7. Avneet Kaur

Began her career as top 3 finalist of dance india dance lil champs and now Avneet Kaur has become a known face on Tik Tok. With a following of 17.3 million, she has become one of the stars of Tik Tok. Besides this, she has also been seen in taking parts in various reality shows like Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. She also acts in various daily soaps and is famous for her acting skills and dancing on Tik Tok. At such young age she has monthly income of 2 lacs which makes her net worth equal to 17-25 lac.

#8. Aashika Bhatia

She is one of the most famous and highest earning Indian TikTok stars. Also famous for her acting in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and other daily soaps. She has 12.1 millions followers on the app. Because of her outstanding acting and dancing skills, she is one of the most watched Tik Tok stars which makes her earn monthly income of 3-4 lac and net worth of approximately 15-20 lac.

#9. Adnan Sheikh

This young star came from a very poor family but because of his humourous videos on TikTok along with his team, he became very famous with a following of 11 million followers. He also appeared on a show on MTV, Ace of Space 2. Along with Faisal Sheikh, he is also a part of Team07. Besides that, he is also famous for his dressing sense and fitness pictures on Instagram. Because of his videos on tik tok, he earns around 2 lacs per month which makes his net worth of 15-20 lacs.

#10. Garima Chaurasia

Earlier she was not a much known face on Tiktok, however her video on Emiway ‘Bantai’s machaenge’ which she made along with her friend Rugeesvini, made them become Tiktok star overnight in India. Also known as Bohot hard girl, Garima has a huge following of 17 million and 438 million hearts on Tik tok. Besides that her punjabi song video Masha allah and Tatoo went viral and became too famous getting around 20 million views on them. Because of her stardom on Tik tok, she earns 3-4 lacs per month and her net worth is equal to 30-40 lacs.

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