Open Blocked Websites by Jio Using these Two Best Ways


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Hello Everyone, I Hope You Have Read the Best Method To Block Corona Callertune. Today, we are going to Tell you about the websites, blocked by Jio. Get Access to All Websites without any Problem. We are presenting the best available method. The Two ways that we are about to discuss:

  1. Firstly, You Can Use Any VPN App.
  2. Secondly, You Can Use UC Mini or Opera Mini Browser.

As per the regulations from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Under the DoT compliance Reliance Jio has blocked several websites. Moreover, various other telecom companies has also blocked illegitimate and adult websites. However, This is done as per the direction from the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

Therefore, whenever we try to access a websites blocked by our network. A Message Is Displayed in Bold Alphabets. However, Many users sees Connection error. Meanwhile, Most of us Find “Not Authoried As Per the DOT Compliance“. If you are getting these kinds of Message. And thinking that the GOVT. is Controlling you then you are at the Right Spot.

As we have told you that the best 2 Methods are VPN, Browsers. Therefore, we will further discuss this and give you the correct VPN App. However, These apps work with every network.

Two Best Ways To Open Blocked Websites By Jio

1. Use Free VPN Apps

We all access Internet Mostly on Our Mobile Phones. Therefore, We Know That To Create A VPN Is Difficult. However, We Can Easily Download A VPN App From Playstore. There are Many VPN Apps on Playstore. But To Open Blocked Websites by Jio, Download Turbo VPN.

Jio Block Websites, Open Blocked Websites by Reliance Jio, Access Block Website by Jio, Unblock Any Website using VPN, Jio Block Website List
  • Firstly, Download The Turbo VPN App.
  • Secondly, Open The App & Skip The Free Trial Version Screen.
  • After that, Select Any Free Server from the App.
  • Click On The Carrot to Connect to that Server.
  • However, You Will Be Connected Within Seconds.

Remember there are Several other VPN Apps Too. Meanwhile, We Recommend you to Use Turbo VPN. Because this app gives you Good Connection and Speed. As the App is Connected with your Network you may Find The Speed Notification. We would like to tell you that these apps consume more battery. However, To Open Blocked Websites By Reliance Jio Use turbo VPN App.

2. Use UC Mini, Opera Mini & Proxy Browsers

I Know you must be thinking about an Alternate Method. Therefore, We would like to tell you about these virtual Browsers. UC Mini is the most common browser of all time. We All have used this Browser or Heard its Name. However, These Browsers helps you get normal Network Speed. Opera Mini is the best browser for Surfing the Internet. Meanwhile, UC Mini is best for Boosted Downloading Speed. You Can Also Open Blocked Websites By Jio Using These Browsers.

Jio Block Websites, Open Blocked Websites by Reliance Jio, Access Block Website by Jio, Unblock Any Website using VPN, Jio Block Website List
  • Firstly, Download UC Mini Or Opera Mini From Playstore.
  • Secondly, Open The Browser And Complete the StartUp.
  • After that, Enter any Blocked URL And Check.
  • Now You Will be able to Access the Internet without any Blocking Message.

Using these Browsers will not Affect Your Speed. However, VPN Apps run in the Background too. Therefore, we prefer that you use any of these two Browsers. Because, It Will Automatically give you Speed Boost. With these Browser you Get Maximum Network Speed. Page Compresssion will also Save you Data.

Jio Download Speed Increase – 100% Working

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Internet Speed Can also be boosted Using Different Browsers. Mostly, We all surf the internet using Google Chrome. But if you are Trying To Download anything file gets corrupted. Therefore, Use UC Browser To Surf More Faster. You Can Also Try Opera Mini Browser. It will also increase your internet surfing and Downloading speed. With UC Browser you can download any file With increased Jio Internet Speed. Now Follow the Steps and Download These two browsers.

  • Firstly, Download UC Browser or Opera Browser.
  • Secondly, Open UC Browser or Opera Normally.
  • Setup the browser and start surfing the internet.
  • To Know Your Increased Speed of Jio Internet. Put anything for downloading.
  • The Speed will be boosted and you will get you Downloaded Files with More Speed.

However, UC and Opera Saves Your Data Also. Auto Loading is the best option present in this browser. So Please Gives this Method and Test Your Connection Speed. For More increase speed of your Jio Internet connection. Try Closing Background Apps. You Can Block Background Data of some apps and Enjoy More Speed. Moreover, If You are downloading any file go to settings. Try to Check which app is Working in Background. Close the app and Enjoy More speed.

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