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Today, We Will Let You Know about The Best Photo Editing Apps. These apps can be easily downloaded from Playstore. However, These apps are also free For Every Users. You Don’t have to download it From Anywhere else. Meanwhile, Know A Bit About Photo Editing apps. Photo Editing Apps provides a wide range of features for anyone from beginners to experts. One can use the effects feature to adjust colour, rotate, crop, resize, and draw on images. Produce amazing results using preloaded effects. You can Also access Photo Editor by tapping EDIT while viewing an image in Gallery.

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Here is The List of Best Photo Editing Apps For Android


For majority of the people, using a separate application for photo editing purpose is going to be too much work. Instagram realised this way back as it added a variety of editing tools to its app. It started off as a place to add simple filters to your pictures. Moreover, The app lets you adjust saturation, sharpness, contrast, and lots of other things in your pictures.

Instagram offers tons of editing tools that allow users to adjust their photos to perfection. Their tone tool includes all the standard editing features you’re familiar with. And a flattering set of one-tap filters. Users like the simplicity of the app’s editing tools a lot. Although Instagram is so successful that you can sometimes recognise the filters just by looking at the resulting photos. Instagram provides the editing option not only for their story portion but also for pictures upload. The app gives you a variety of options to edit your pictures in a way you like. Hence INSTAGRAM is among the best photo editing applications.

2 – PhotoShop Express

Photoshop Express comes with a simple interface. Photoshop Express is a great Android photo editing App for quick. Easy and powerful editing on devices. It is packed with essential features which can help you crop, straighten, rotate and flip photos.

Photoshop Express provides us with one-touch filters, a variety of effects, colors, auto fix, frames. And also some advanced tools like Image Rendering Engine to handle large files like panoramic photos. It has a special feature known as Noise Reduction feature which can minimize unwanted grain. Remove speckling in photos taken at night or in the dark.

The app is free to download and the best part is it is ad-free. Moreover, it provides you the service to share photos. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites. The top feature are that it has 80+ Filters. Allows you to import and edit raw files. It lets you share them of the number of social media platforms.

3 – PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the most favorite photo editing apps out there for the people. The reason behind it is that PicsArt is such a stand-out due to the precipitate number of options you have for customizing/editing your photos. PicsArt comes with a built-in camera feature. And a feature that helps you connect directly to social media for sharing photos.

Among all those features some other features include collage, draw on pictures, frames, stickers, various filters and text boxes etc. The app is available for free with some in-app purchases. Therefore, you do have to deal with ads that pop up once in a while.

Some Special Features Of PicsArt Photo Studio are mentioned below
  • Firstly, Brush mode for applying effects selectively on particular parts of a pic.
  • Secondly, Rapidly evolving AI-powered effects.
  • After that, In-built camera app with live effects.
  • Double exposures using layers and adjustable transparency.

4 – Snapseed

Snapseed is a very powerful Android photo editing app developed by Google. This App contains quite a lot of interesting features. It is available for free on play store and is also ad-free. The app has a user-friendly interface which is easy and fun to use. Just tap on the screen and open up any file you like without adds.

Snapseed comes with many different types of filters to modify. And embrace the look of the photos. Including twenty nine different varieties of tools and features. Once you’re done with the editing. You can easily export the file to save it in your phone. Moreover, share it with your friends over social media.

Below are some Special Features of Snapseed
  • Firstly, You can Edit RAW DNG files, export them as JPG.
  • Secondly, A Native dark theme mode in the app.
  • Selective filter brush for editing only a portion of an image.
  • The option of saving customized preset for applying them to images later.

5 – Pixlr

Pixlr is another amazing free image editing app that lets you edit images from your camera roll. And the new ones that you take from inside the app.

Pixlr can overlay multiple images on top of one another. One of the first things that stand out in this app is this fact only. It even allows you to adjust their opacity and size. That is a bit similar to a full-blown desktop image editing program that supports layers. Instead of placing your own images on top of each other. Use some of the partially-transparent overlays that are given within the app. For Example a smoke, chemical burn, or outer space image.

Lots of adjustment and editing tools are included within Pixlr. You can apply a pencil, silk, poster, watercolor, old, unicolor, vintage, or cross effect to an image, among others. Pixlr also supports cropping and rotating the images. Applying an auto fix to it and adjusting contrast. Moreover fix blur, hue, sharpen, smooth, saturation, and lightness settings.

Tons of borders are available for your images. It Has categories like squared, nature, ripped paper, rounded corner, ink, grunge and film. There are also plenty of text types you can choose from. And also a dozens of stickers which are very fun to use.

When you’re done editing your photos on Pixlr, email and share your edited picture on social media sites. You can also resize it to any custom size before saving it back to your phone.

6 – BeFunky

BeFunky is an extremely easy application to use because you can simply slide your fingers side to side to adjust the intensity/effects of the tools and features.

There are a lot of things you can do with BeFunky app. Such as crop, straighten and rotate an image. You can also adjust the brightness, fill light, contrast, hue, soften, exposure, temperature, saturation, and other settings are also provided within the app.

BeFunky has a text tool and also allows you to apply a border. And as well as a number of various effects to an image. Get A red-eye remover, eye color changer, lipstick applier, wrinkle remover and along with others, a teeth whitener.

Undoing changes are super simple with BeFunky app. Because it shows a thumbnail history of the changes you’ve made in your image. therefore, you can easily determine how far back you want to revert the image to.

Done using BeFunky and editing your image. Download the edited image to the camera roll, save it to your BeFunky account or upload it to social media websites.

7 – VSCO

VSCO (pronounced as visco) Cam started out as a paid application but went sometime back. It is one of the best photo editing apps available on iOS and as well as Android if you desire for advanced controls. VSCO Cam has a great collection of filters, which are far better than those on Instagram or other applications. While some filters are free, you’ll have to pay for many others. Don’t let this fact dissuade you from trying the app, as the free filters are good enough and satisfying for most people and give really good end results by just adjusting the features such as brightness, highlights and contrasts .

VSCO Cam’s editing tools include brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, crop, rotate, sharpness, highlights, shadows, among some others. As evident, it has enough and sufficient  tools for professional photo editing. However, beginners will take some time to figure out how to use VSCO Cam because the app relies on icons and code numbers in place of words. For example, filters have names like B1, X1, etc., which may be hard to remember initially but can be remembered over time. All editing tools are icons (sharpness is a triangle, saturation is a rectangle with a gradient, etc.) and it may take you a little while to go through all the tools and find what you need but it is definitely worth the efforts.

8 – PicLab Photo Editor

When you work with PicLab Photo Editor, you will enjoy the mix of a simple, easy to use interface and a set of excellent functions that make your pictures look professional. There are almost all the necessary tools and features to correct your picture. It allows you to influence the brightness. Adjust the saturation and exposure while working with one of the best photo editing apps of this time. However, the PicLab Photo Editor’s inspired by Instagram and its features. There is a hint of similarity in the functions. The icon immediately reminds of a popular service. However, unlike its eminent possible progenitor, there are no elements and features of the social networking site, Instagram. Except the allowance or say possibility to share the finished/edited image through other services.

Many templates provided within the app will also please the eyes. The possibility to add some text to the picture was carefully developed by the developers. This feature is particularly useful in meme making. And will appeal to fans of memes. Your texts can be created on several layers. Their number is not limited by the application. In general, it is a very worthy, versatile. And easy to use. Therefore it is in our list of Best Photo editing apps.

9 – Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor is often and usually called the simplified version of Photoshop. Because it offers you a solid and wide range of functions similar to photoshop. You can seriously enhance your photographs, changing different parameters like brightness, tints, etc.

Fotor is one of the best free photo editing apps for Android. You can change a color picture into B&W. Use the nostalgic effect of film or retro style and bring your picture to life with all the effects. Moreover, if you need, only part of the photograph can be changed. Applying the style of your choice to the photo, you at times may not be satisfied or may dislike the achieved result. In this case, you can use an advanced image adjustment provided in the app. It’s almost the same as the usual one. But it offers more details and features. For example, we can apply a shadow, change the shade or temperature of a photo. Obviously for professionals, this is not enough. Therefore, the developers of the application added an RGB color setting and a color scale curve.

The desktop Fotor version seems to be reliable but a mild one. It is not to that extent, where as the Android version surprises its users pleasantly. You can use diverse functions for free. A news feed with users photos. You can find inspiration and examples and high-quality adjustments using the curve. Fotor cant be termed as ideal. The app is definitely one of the best photo editing apps for Android on this list.

10 – Aviary

This application of photo editing apps for Android is a simple has an user-friendly software with an easily understandable interface. It doesn’t allow performing photo montage and complex operations or editing. However, perform such simple tasks as applying stickers and various filters. Aviary can improve the quality of the original image. Remove the red-eye effect. Moreover, change the brightness, shadows, contrast, improve the colour and tints. It also helps replace the background, crop and add many and different graphic elements.

For meme fans, Aviary allows creating wonderful pictures. Upload them directly to the social network. Download this App For Free. In addition to it, you get an option to buy libraries with some extra effects and filters. As many other photo editing apps, the application has its drawbacks. Many other major and heavier functions are oriented on a paid basis. That is the main disadvantage. But in general, it is quite simple and useful and free for a basic and good editing of your photographs.

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