(Paytm Gold Loot) Get Rs.40 For Free On Paytm

Paytm Gold Loot Without Min KYC


If you are reading this you are about to make handful of paytm cash easily within minutes. All the steps that are being provided here kindly read carefully before trying this trick. This trick will give you rs. 40 for every new Paytm Account. This means you have to use a new phone number before going for this trick. It is working in all regions and areas.

Paytm Cash Rs.40 For Free

  1. First of all download the paytm app from here
  2. Now without wasting time click on Create A New Account.
  3. Enter the OTP recieved on the number that you have entered.
  4. Search for gold option in the menu bar.
  5. Click on Buy Gold and then enter amount 40 or 30 or 20 in rs which ever works for you.
  6. Now click on have a promocode?
  7. Enter “Free40” or “FREE30” or “FREE20” And Click on Apply.
  8. Now Proceed to checkout.
  9. Gold of rs. 40 will be added to your account.
  10. I will recommend you to use this trick after 12:00am because it works after 12:00am and you can add 40rs. Gold at that time easily.

You can easily transfer your gold by selling it in the same gold option. By simply clicking on the locker and entering the amount. It will ask your bank account number and other details. This is an Instant Money Earning Trick.

You can perform this loot trick as many times as you want with a new phone number. Enjoy this loot!

To get money in your paytm wallet you can also use zupee gold refer and earn program. Paytm gold can be easily transferred to your main account by just clicking on Gift gold option.

Try this after a month and get 10rs gold again

  • To get rs.10 gold after a month from any number that you used to get 40rs Gold.
  • You can type 10 in amount in the gold section.
  • Use promocode “FREE10”
  • PROCEED >> Gold will be added to your locker.


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